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sennheiser hd428 for $36.99 on newegg with promo code EMCYTZT2944

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For the hd428 I think Newegg offers free shipping as well.

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I wonder if slow loading was due to expired DNS from our service providers. I'm on comcast and the page took between 10 seconds to a minute before the page even refreshed

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it was fine for me. even on school wifi on my iPhone.

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Subscribed and old page was indeed SLOW, man...

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Huge President's Day sale on amazon -


Audio Technica ATH-AD700 -




Not sure if these is a great deal, but there you go. There are a lot more deals, check around.

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Thanks Currawong!

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Yay off to a great start, two pages and half a deal is posted... Deals Thread RIP 2011

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This thread is akin to a second child being born. Currawong should give us all cigars. 

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it took 10 min to load a page on the other one so re-subscribe

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Loaded really slow for me as well, usually just stopped after a minute or so and told me the page expired with a 504 error. 


Reposting the last thing I put on the other thread in case it may help someone.



"Might be just slightly off topic but here is the Toshiba Canvio 750 GB external hard drive on amazon for $59.99, 40% off. Not headphones or anything but I will most likely get one to store my lossless files on. 


Also on the page are links to to 350 and 500 GB versions, as well as the 1 and 1.5 TB. Not much price difference between the five different capacity models."

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