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Monitors for small listening room

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I'm interested getting monitors on a pair of stands for music listening in a small computer room (2x3m) I've listened to the Dynaudio BM5A mkii, and they sound great but I'm unsure if they will work well in my room. I'm also interested in the Focal cms 40 which is a small monitor but I didn't hear them anywhere so I'm unsure how they will perform. I will be sitting 0.6m away from the speakers and I have some room treatment.

Has anyone any recommendations in this scenario?

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Is nobody on these forums geared towards monitors for desktop purposes?

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If you heard the Dynaudios and liked the way they sounded, what made you unsure about how they would work in your room? You haven't explained why you thought they might not work. Apparently you have some insight into a potential conflict between those monitors and your room, but you haven't explained your concern. They certainly seem powerful enough for the size of your room.

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I'm concerned I might be sitting to close to the monitors (0.6m) when Dynaudio recommends a minimum of 1m (I don't know why).

My room is on the small size but if I could make them work I think I'd have a good setup.

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I think you'd be fine. I don't know of anything short of headphones that would come with a specific recommendation for use at less than 0.6 meters. That may be slightly less than ideal distance, but I don't think you're really going to find any active monitor that specializes in distances of less than 0.6 meters.

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Well they say the focal cms 40 would work at 0.4m, it is much smaller but I haven't had a chance to listen to them.

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This CNET `audiophiliac' article may help - http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-57568416-47/aktimate-micro-speakers-better-than-bluetooth/ - as the author refers to several bookshelf speakers in it.





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I've had a pair of aktimate in the past but they weren't my cup of tea so I sold them.

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Try the Definitive Technology Studio Monitor 350 or 450.  I use the 350's as my PC speakers and they are fantastic at close distances

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It may be out of your budget, but I would recommend you listen to the ELAC MicroMagic, Don't let the size deceive you!


(I am the UK distributor for ELAC, but I wouldn't recommend a product I don't have faith in)

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I use a pair of Behringer B3030A Truth for my small computer room, they have room compensation switches and they are much cheaper than the Dynaudio, about 300 Bucks for 6,75" Kevlar speaker and ribbon tweeter. Very happy with it for listening music !



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