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After 6 months of annoyance, I solved the problem.

Its Malwarebytes.


Do you have that installed? Its specifically the pay version (Malwarebytes Pro).


If so, simply uncheck "enable malicious website blocking" under "protection".


Some people have to completely uninstall the Pro version and use the lighter one, but the above has worked for many, including me.


Nah, I dont have something even remotely similar running. However, I am sure that it is a driver. I could bet that I did not notice such behavior when I first bought my laptop. Actually, I think it started around the time I got involved with audio, and it has persisted ever since. I was thinking if it might be some of the programs such as Foobar or the WASAPI driver itself, even though I have uninstalled both for a while and I even updated them.

Anyway, I think it is time for me to go for a new ThinkPad since ive had this one for 3 years (its not a lot, but apparently this is the worst model ThinkPad has ever released and has given me some trouble with the battery and HDD), and I will make sure it will be able to play my music without dropouts..