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For Sale: FS: JVC HA-FXZ200

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Canada/US

SOLD! Thank you all for your interest.


Up for sale is a pair of JVC HA-FXZ200. It's been well-used (and abused ok not really but I want to be absolutely clear as to its cosmetic condition) so please refer to the photos I've attached for more details about its condition. What you see in the first photo is what will be shipped. Price is $ obo, shipping included. Make me an offer, I'll consider everything within reason.


Quote from me, yaluen, the seller:
Hi there, yes by abuse I just meant that I haven't really been too careful about keeping them in the best of condition cosmetically. They've been knocking around my pockets with change and keys and such. I assure you there were no incidents of dropping, crushing, or yanking that might have compromised the integrity of the driver housings, I'm not that rough with my gear. You can see from the photos that the connection between the wire and the drivers and jack themselves have no problems. Sonically, there are absolutely no problems. Maybe I should just say that so I don't scare away potential buyers and have them assume the worst...

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