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Marantz SR 8000 subwoofer port(Only 100 or 80kHz ) not good enough?

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Ok so I got this receiver for pretty cheap(35 dollars) and was wondering if because it only handles 100 to 80(on low/small or something?)kHz that it wont take full advantage or even near advantage of the subwoofer which is at 35Hz-200kHz, is this correct?


I read most of it here:http://www.audioreview.com/cat/amplification/a-v-receivers/marantz/sr-8000/prd_123766_2718crx.aspx


Pretty confused...here are some complaints, what strikes me as odd is that it has mostly positive reviews and only a handful of reviews mention it.


"I realized that one limitation of the Marantz is its non adjustable crossover if plugged into the sub-out, which means that you have to use the sub out of the pre-out for the front speakers--I wish I had known this a long time ago! This also allows you to have your sub activated in the direct mode which it did not do when the sub was plugged into the sub-out."


"I "talked" with them. they never mentioned anything about the 80hz on the small setting to me after 3 phone calls to 1 1/2 different guys. & how did u ever find their phone#? :) like I said 80hz is still too high for my klipsch mains as they'll run fine all the way down to 40hz."


"w/ the sub-cut off for bass mgmt. not adjustable & set at an outlandishly high 100hz. i called marantz tech support on this & they seem to be in denial as most receiver makers are on this issue."



I bought this Subwoofer :http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882290034


and these speakers: http://www.amazon.com/Sony-SS-B1000-4-Inch-Bookshelf-Speakers/dp/B000OG88KY/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1360992483&sr=1-2&keywords=sony+speakers


One guy said: "I originally wired up my sub from the sub pre-out socket – but you get a better result with music if you bi-wire the sub from the front speakers."


I have no idea what that means....I am pretty much at a lose, I want decent bass, should I look for another Receiver? Would it make much of a difference? I am a bit new to all of this, last Receiver I owned was an old 2.0.

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Apparently some people don't like the crossover in the receiver when they use the sub out feature on the receiver because it sends everything below 80Hz to the sub. People with front speakers that can handle lower than 80Hz don't always want those frequencies sent to the sub. For the speakers you have, it shouldn't be a problem. They only go down to 80Hz anyway, so you will want everything below that sent to the sub. The sub will still go down to what the sub is capable of, which is 35Hz. You shouldn't have the issue they are complaining about. It would only be an issue if you had front speakers that were capable of going lower than 80Hz, which yours can't do.

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I don't get that complaint at all then...even if the speakers did go down to a lower Hz wouldn't most still want it sent to the sub because lower frequencies would sound better sent there? What if I used something like the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR(http://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-SP-BS22-LR-Designed-Bookshelf-Loudspeakers/dp/B008NCD2LG) which says 55 Hz-20 kHz and a crossover of 3hz or the JBL ES20(http://www.amazon.com/JBL-ES20-High-Performance-Bookshelf-Speakers/dp/B00167340E/ref=sr_1_6?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1361033594&sr=1-6&keywords=stereo+bookshelf+speakers) which says something about 40hz highs, I am still deciding on speakers, already have the subwoofer coming in the mail, would they still sound ok on that Receiver or would I need a newer model to make them sound correct or the best they could?

I'm going to use them mainly for games and music.

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There's always a little fine tuning between what sounds best coming out of the front speakers and what sounds best coming out of the sub. Getting the crossover right is really a matter of trial and error depending on the room, the speakers, the sub placement, etc. If the front speakers can handle a certain frequency, then you might not want to send that frequency to the sub. You will have to try the actual equipment in your actual room to find out what works best.


There's also another way of hooking up the sub where you don't use the crossover in the receiver. You run speaker wire from the front speaker outputs of the receiver to the speaker level inputs on the sub, then you run speaker wire from the speaker level outputs of the sub to the speakers. In this way, a full range signal is sent to the sub because you're not using the crossover in the receiver. That's the other way of wiring it that people are talking about who don't like the crossover in the receiver.


Read up on the different methods of connecting the sub. It's explained in your PSW10 manual.


Buy the best front speakers you can afford, and worry about the rest once you get them.

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Ok....I cant seem to get the subwoofer to actually work now? I read the manual:




I can't seem to figure it out, do I need the remote? I don't have it....




Can I use the Logitech Harmony 200 remote?

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Yeah you will need both the remote, and a TV, to set that receiver up properly - it uses an OSD.

Regarding the "complaints" - it's a fairly standard feature on receivers from that era to have a fixed crossover point for bass management, as opposed to the variable crossovers of more modern receivers. Nothing wrong with it, if used properly - you wouldn't want higher frequencies going to the sub though, the idea is that you can't localize the subwoofer, so 80-100hz is a good top-end.
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So the Harmony 200 one won't be good enough? It says on the logitech page that it works with that receiver but I am guessing not all the buttons are present?

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If Harmony's software will load it up, it should work - hook the receiver up to a TV and test it out. It needs to have a menu button, arrow keys, and the "OK" or "Enter" button working, and you can basically navigate through the menu and configure the thing. It's fairly straight-forward once you get into the OSD.
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Thats a relief, will go pick up the remote later today, thanks.

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