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I got my pair. This is a very preliminary overview:

1. build quality, from a strictly visual/esthetic perspective, looks to be absolutely rock bottom at first. The plastic moulds look low grade even by dollar tree standards.

2. fit is...well, interesting. If you don't position the pads correctly, you're in for a lot of discomfort. Once you do position the pads correctly, you realize that they place a lot of pressure on the ears. I believe I have grown accustomed to the fit very quickly, but initially, it's not easy to be positively impressed.

3. sound quality: out of the box, the sound signature seems to be almost exactly what I wanted: a happy compromise between the dark, bassy portapros, and the light airy koss ksc75's. It's been a long time since I've listened to ksc75's, but those seemed to have slightly steelier, more fatiguing highs.

The boost or coloration of igrado's is clearly higher than the upper mids, but it's not enough of a treble boost to make the phones sound shrill. There's definitely room there for more 'air' and sparkle. But again, the tradeoff being that such a sound signature is far more likely to be fatiguing.

I only listened to a handful of songs at low volume, just to be on the cautious side.

I'll let you know how these burn in after 24-50 hours.
Thanks! It sounds like I'll be looking into the igrado. Tell me how burn in affects the sound. Oh and I've heard that the mids are fantastic on the other grados, how is it on the igrado?
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