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For Sale:
Stax SR-307 electrostatic headphones

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For your consideration is the latest Stax Lambda Earspeakers, the SR-307.  According to Stax they use the same drivers as the 407 and 507 models. Some have said the ear-pads make a huge difference, new SR-507 pads can be purchased separately to increase comfort.


I am their first owner and they are in perfect functional and cosmetic condition.  These were my introduction to electrostatic headphones, but sadly they haven't had much use compared to my other headphones.


I used them with a Stax Energizer - SRD-7/Mk-2 and an Icon Amp.  I would describe the combination as very detailed and punchy sounding.  My biggest issue with them was comfort over long listening sessions, but this may not apply to everyone.  The sound quality is in many ways superior to many dynamic headphones I've heard. If one is looking for a highly detailed sound with great bass reproduction, then these are an excellent choice at this price.


Shipping, with original box, at buyers expense. 


Thank you for looking.

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