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Audio Technica ATH-AD900 or AD700 same model really .

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Hi guys ..


OK this is my problem after two week using them I have found them to be a ear killer ,The the most uncomfortable headphones that I have yet to encounter ever ,Its not the headphones but the EAR PAD'S there so flat and there killing my ears ..So was just wondering as I cant seem to find any thing about replacement ear pads for them. If any one knows of any that will fit this model of headphone with some padding in them as the ones that come with the headphone are flat and kill my ears where there rubbing the DRIVER after a long time wearing them :(


All so I did find that mode on here some where about putting in padding and cable but I don't want to do that to be honest ,just want better pads ..


I don't understand why they would sell headphone that are a very good build with very poor ear pads I don't get it ..

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The AD700, AD900 earpads are both contoured convex so when worn properly, it should give your ears some room. I have relatively flat ears so the drivers never touched my ears on both of them.  Perhaps because AT's a Japanese company it was designed for Asian ears which tend to be small in size and not protrude as much (I happen to be Asian as well)... who knows... but yeah, for those who's ears protrude out or are bigger in size I can see how it can be troublesome.


Possible replacement would be Axxx line pleathers or higher Wxxxx line leather pads, but to be honest, I found them even less comfortable than the AD700 pads because they don't have that convex shape.  The holes are small and round on the AT pads so they press up against your ears which I found too uncomfortable when I had the W1000X.

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Then if that is the case then they should all so cater for the people that are not Asian ,When selling over seas like UK/USA/And EU .But I do not think that is the case as to why they were made this way .My ears are pretty small in size and normal .But bearing in mind the headphones that I have were second hand so they had been used before I got them so I do not know what they are like out the box new ..The ones I have are very flat like there is next to know padding in them that can not be right for sure . Even if you was a baby with the smallest of ears you ear would rub the driver on my headphones .. To be honest I think that was a poor understatement saying that having small ears is a benefit of having the headphones and your ears not rubbing on the driver because that pretty much what you just said with out really saying it ? ,I would think having smaller ears would be more of problem then having massive or bigger ears ,With bigger ears the ear would be more pressed on the padding .My ear fits in side the pads and just seats on the driver ..So do I have big ears or small ear small I would say ..With having more padding and smaller ears that fit in side the cups the padding would go round the ear holding your ear away from the driver in this case its not ie making it so much fun to ware for longer times ..They should rethink there padding for there headphones ..




But hey thanks for your reply when it really had nothing to do with what I was asking about but was very interesting read thank you ..

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Uh, I don't understand your hostility there, but all I really wanted to say there was that the drivers don't touch my ears and I find it comfortable, but that I can see how it can be troublesome for others (and just my purely speculative assumption on why this may be so.. which admittingly, was probably pointless for me to bring up). AD series are not headphones that are notorious for having bad comfort factor; as a matter of fact, it's the other way around... majority of people here do find them very comfortable, but there will always be share of people who do experience comfort problems with any headphones. People's heads and ears are shaped differently and vary greatly so for most headphones, the experience will vary. 


Anyways, I also listed you the alternatives (Axxx series pads and Wxxxx pads) so perhaps look into them (but they will change the sound surely.. whether positively or negatively... I can't say as I've never tried it) ... and if they don't work, then perhaps they are not the headphones for you.

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I can only apologise for giving you the wrong impression of me being hostile ,That was by no means what I started out to do .

I was just saying that having smaller ear's I feel that would be more uncomfortable ie like me as my ears rub the DRIVERS and makes your ear very uncomfortable over long periods of wearing them . I can only wear them for about 30 mins tops ..That not very good for headphone with this price tag on them . I have sennheiser HD650 which are way cheaper yet are more comfortable but are bad for gaming and don't get the sound that I am looking for in games .. Which is the reason why I went with the AD900 for the big sound staging .As people were saying there comfortable and have amazing sound for gaming .


So now I think ill be selling them and be on the hunt for some thing that as good sound for gaming and really comfortable.

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