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I either currently own (or have owned) most of these IEMs considered to be bassy. (I love my bassy IEMs, JH16s are in my future)

The woodoo2 puts bass out! But for an iem around the $300 dollar mark...if I were to do this whole thing over again? I would just buy the IE80. If you have a few extra dollars to spend ($500) the ASG2 is a great upgrade...If you have under $150....the Woodoo2 is a nice bassy iem, bassier than anything I've stuck into my ears, and I love my bass.


I will place in order what I feel offers the most bass (Mid & Sub), not focusing on other attributes such as soundstage, sibilance, details etc...

Btw, fit and a tight seal is an extremely important part of achieving the proper levels of bass, I have a plethora of tips needed to fit each IEM optimally. This list really isn't how I would place or put these in order in terms of quality or my personal usage/favorites.


Wooduo2 - actually surprised me quite a bit, such a light wooden IEM absolutely PUTS OUT Bass. Slightly sibilant.

Aurisonics Asg-2 - my personal favorite - a great overall sound and mix of mid & subbass. Tip sensitive, but they do have slightly more MB than SB. Looking forward to the new SB mod. amazing overall sound and fun factor.
JVC-fxz200 - good levels of bass, calls for subbass when needed. With an amp/correct power, this can be a beast.

Sennheiser IE80/Sennheiser IE8 - both great IEMS if you need a pair of iems that does it all with a lean on bass. also a very fun iem. used heavily with EDM type music.
Sennheiser IE800 - I was expecting more bass. this has more subbass than midbass, but it is still there. doesn't isolate well and microphonic so it detracts from the bass I feel. I may have liked this more if it didn't cost $1000.

Westone 3-I love this iem, but the bass isn't booming...after all it is a BA. I actually sent it back for repair, the left driver was damaged. very v-shaped. tinny and spacy. My workout IEM.JVC fx700-sibilant no matter which tips I've used...and I've used E V E R Y T H I N G. very midbassy, more than the ie8. nice to listen to at low levels with tips that absorb the high frequencies.
Atrio M5/Denon C300- C300 was the most sibilant iem next to the fx700. bass was decent if you can ever get a correct fit. also microphonic like a mother. I didn't find the MG7 special at all!

Sony xb90ex- if you've never listened to iems, you might like this...otherwise I'd stay clear, doesn't really do anything well, not even EDM type music. puts out quantity of bass over quality. quality isn't the best. quantity isn't quite there either. bloated and blurry.

Ath-cks1000-decent levels of bass, but more popular for the unique sound this can offer after burn-in. nice mids...Not as bassy as I imagined...doesn't get much use. this has a great quality of bass moreso than quantities.

Westone UM3X-least amount, but not really a bassy iem in the first place. more for mids/vocals.

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Well.. xba 3's have enough bass for me.

I spent 75 dollars on a pair that were used but in great condition still, Must say I love them.

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