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Need help with HD800 and Digital EQ for bass / TH900 / DX2000

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So I've convinced myself that I need new cans. I have D7000's and love them, but as usual with this hobby, the question is: "but what would it sound like if I got _____?" SO, based on what I heard at a meet a couple of years back, I've narrowed it down to the Fostex TH900 (which I feel I'm guaranteed to like if not love), the HD800, or JVC's elusive DX2000 (but I'm not holding my breath).


Here's the thing: I loved the sound of the HD800's. The mids were SO neutral, the soundstage was awesome, and I don't remember the treble, but I DO remember I didn't find it fatigueing like some people do. I listened to them on a Gilmore Lite amp and DACmagic and thought it was great, but just not enough bass for what I listen to: rock. I've seen the Anaxilus mod, and while I have no problem trying it, I really doubt it will give me what I want, which is D7000 level of bass quantity. Or more. I just can't live without plenty of bass, so I'm thinking, maybe I do an HD800 with a Behringer DEQ2496, and just EQ in extra bass DIGITALLY (before the DAC)?? I have ZERO interest in playing around with trying a hundred different amps, tube rolling, or playing with different cables. If I go HD800, it's strictly the stock cable, I'll try the Anaxilus mod, and I'm only going to use my Audio GD amp/DAC. No tubes for me. Sorry.


If I go Fostex TH900, I have no doubt they're wonderful, but can I get that sweet HD800 midrange from them? I don't know, and I really can't afford to buy both and see. However, TH900 costs about the same as HD800 + EQ, so cost isn't the issue if I'm buying just one. And I don't care about open vs. closed and disturbing others. Comfort isn't an issue either, as both are supremely comfortable. This is strictly about sound, and the real concern is bass from the HD800.


Any opinions either way (from people that really KNOW)? Again, NO interest in trying different cables or tubes (sorry), and no interest in any other cans. I've owned or listened to and disliked basically everything else possible except for Audeze which I have no interest in for a number of reasons.


Discuss......   =D


PS: my D7000's will be for sale soon, solely because of the OCD that is, this hobby.

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Anax mod does not do what you're looking for, you won't hear a substantial boost in bass. EQing HD 800s still won't give you that tight and authoritive bass slam. If bass impact and volume is what you're looking for the 800s are not a good choice.


Especially since you're coming from the D7000s and really enjoy the sound, the TH 900 sounds like it would be a much better match for you.

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I agree, but I've really always wanted HD800's, but with bass. I'd love to hear we many opinions as possible.
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That should read AS many opinions as possible!


I'm shocked though; I thought for sure this topic would make for a decent thread. No one else cares?

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