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Guys, I'm stuck.

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V-Moda M-80 vs Shure se215.

I listen to Rock, Metal and some Dubstep

I'm looking for punchy bass.

I need isolation

I'm leaning toward the M-80 because I commute a lot and have heard the se215's build quality just sucks.

(If you have other recommendations, I'd love to hear them!)
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I don't have the M-80s but when I was researching them I noted that a lot of owners complain about the lack of isolation.

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The SE215 are some of the best isolating IEMs I've ever used, the build quality is excellent(and the warranty is great) so long as you don't force the tips off the nozzle(slowly wiggle/twist them off with your nail under the end). Sound is quite good.

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M80 sounds great, but it does not isolate much. SE215 will beat it in that area.
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SE215s have alot more bass than the M80s. And as others have said, because of the M80s on ear design vs the SE215s in ear design (with foam tips) the M80s come no where close in terms of isolation.

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I have the blue and clear SE215s which were bought in the last few months. Not an issue with build quality and neither suffers from the problem with the connector that plagued my old SE535. A fantastic value and the IEMs I use most often. I also own the FitEar 334 (among others).


I stepped on my clears with dress shoes (on tile) and they survived. Awesome IEM and unbeatable for the price (IMO).

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