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For Sale: Audeze LCD2 Revision 2

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For Sale:
Audeze LCD2 Revision 2

Will Ship To: UK

The toughest of decisions I have had to make of all the stuff I shall be selling.... the Audeze LCD2 rev 2. No hype required , you all know about these headphones, so I shall give you some history on mine.I first heard about the LCD2 R2 on headfi amd I found a UK stockist and picked them up for £825 in November 2011.

I put the box on the floor of the car once only and I have scratched the lacquer on the outer casing of the box quite a lot. The headphones are nicely run in as you would expect from being owned by me since Nov 2011. They have a few tiny dents in them after all the wood is quite soft.

I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD800s in November 2012 and I only want to keep one top pair of headphones. The HD800s aren't neccasrily better they just sound different.

I have no seller profile here but am on Ebay with 100% feedback over 204 transactions over many years. The 100% feedback is because I will not cut corners to save a few pounds, you will get this sent by trackable royal mail special delivery and I will cover the paypal fees and will not be wanting you to pay by paypal gift.

Buyers from outside the UK- because of the size of the case it makes it uneconomical to ship in a way that is speedy insurable and trackable , 3 things I will not compromise on.
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