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For Sale: Rega Mini A2D Phono USB Preamplifier

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For Sale:
Rega Mini A2D Phono USB Preamplifier

Will Ship To: UK

Hardly used. Outer casing is scratchproof anyway. Sold my record player so no need for a pre amp. This little marvel allows you to record your vinyl onto your pc in 16 bit 44.1 or 48 hz. 44.1 of course is CD quality and unless you're a dog you miss the last 22hz .....

So you plug the analogue outs of the record deck into this device and you plug a usb cable into your laptop an either through an external DAC or through your pc output you can monitor and record your vinyl in decent quality for once.

I used audacity and got great results.

The price you see at the top is the price you pay there are no extras.

I shall be sending this through collect plus which allows me to drop off the parcel even when the post office is closed. It is insurable and trackable.IIf you work during the day i can send it to a store near you. Please have a look at the collect plus web site and specify if you want the collect from store option. I will also not be using Paypal Gift I will cover the paypal fees not you.

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Hi I would like to buy this please
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