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Hi guys,


I'm using an Infrasonic Quartet sound card, which I chose for its MIDI capabilities and low price. My current headphones are AKG 530's. I'm quite happy with the sound when listening to music and/or gaming, but when playing my digitalpiano I feel the sound is kinda blurry at times. Now I'm considering ordering a pair of AKG K701's, but being a newbie I'm not sure if the sound card is enough to drive them properly. Do you think I'm fine using that combination or do I need to look at an external amp?


There's a chart with its specs if you scroll down on this site:


If it matters, I mostly listen to rock. The 530's generally sound good to me, I don't need more bass or something like that. Gaming sound isn't important to me/fine as it is, so that's not a factor I need to look at. I'm grateful for any tips.