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For Sale:
Beresford Bushmaster Dac with Venom Headphone Output Upgrade

Will Ship To: UK

Hi there yet another DAC which has to go , this is the latest in a line of fine affordable DACs by Stan Beresford a UK designer / engineer, he very kindly upgraded my headphone output to improve the sound quality of the headphone output substantially from the initial run. So the upgrade has not been DIY'd it has been done by Stan himself. The upgrade was a very reasonable £50, the output was also tweaked to optimise for the specs of an LCD2 rev 2 which is a 60 ohm headphone. These upgrades were not around for long as there were only a limited supply of the mega capacitor things that Stan had managed to get hold of and I managed to get in at the right time.

 It works like a dream on the HD800s I have too, and any of the tons of other iems I have.

Sound quality superb , deep bass , crisp treble rich midrange.  Lots of inputs , RCA outputs . Will run on a battery pack , the Switched Mode Power Supply works great though . The bushmaster dac will work on some but not all computers. The pc needs an optical out. Without an optical out on the main sound card you will have an issue. I bought a mini optical to optical cable which works fine. It cost me £8 on ebay. An adapter for a normal optical cable did not work. So please check that you have an optical out on your computer if you want this to work with your pc.

Collect plus is the service I shall use which is insurable trackable and enables me to drop off the parcel anytime of the day. You can specify if you're not in during the day and I will arrange for it to be sent to a shop near you. I cover the cost.

Paypal is how I want to be paid, NOT BY PAYPAL GIFT. I will cover the fees.

I have no feedback profile here as I have not sold on headfi before, I am on Ebay as Takeanidea and have 100% feedback over 204 transactions both as a buyer and seller over many years with them.

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