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Beyerdynamic DT-770 pro 80 vs A900x vs whatever

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I was going to consider the UE6000s but they don't have replaceable pads so that's out of the question.

These will probably be run off of a Fiio E11 and an iPod touch 4g.

I've been hearing tons of comfort issues with the A900x and I've got a small head. Are they true.

I listen to a bunch of genres, so I'd like to know which is better overall.

If you have any other recommendations, feel free to recommend.
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have you considered  akg k550 ?

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I have but I've heard that they need a good seal to function properly, plus I have a small head.
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I have a very small head as well. I wouldn't recommend the Audio Technica Art series. I've tried the A500x and A700x and they kept sliding down. I've currently got the beyer DT770 and if your main priority is comfort then these probably aren't for you. The inside cloth touches my ear and after an hour or 2 it gets quite painful. The clamp is quite strong. 

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Comfort is a non-issue.


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I have ZERO comfort issues with my DT770’s. I have been reading on several forums that people have been having issues with comfort and these cans…It’s hard for me to believe that people can make this claim. I also wear mine with glasses sometimes and still have no issue with clamp force. I have a large head, size 8 in caps, and have not worn a more comfortable headphone than the DT770’s. Perhaps I have a higher tolerance for this because I also think my Sennheiser 280’s and 380’s are VERY comfortable! I guess I might be used to the clamp force of my Senns that the DT’s are like barely wearing a headphone at all…(to me at least) As far as someone’s ear touching the inner mesh or anything on the inside of the cup, I would imagine that to not be comfortable at all, I do think I have smaller ears than normal though. Working in broadcast I used to ride the mic and have my cans running hot, and needed a tight seal so I would not have feedback. I could have just gotten used to it by now, I guess. 

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Would any of u guys recommend the Momentum (Sennheiser) or the mdr 1r?
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