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My wife and I watched Jurassic Park (with the remastered audio for Blu-Ray) together using our ATH-A900X & AKG K550, and it was such an amazing treat for our ears that we begged for more cinematic audio goodness. So we put on Independence Day (Blu-Ray as well), which we remembered sounding pretty decent on speakers.


To our surprise, the soundtrack was just downright awful! All the issues with the mix came out transparently. There's literally no upper-treble, at all. The bass is very inconsistent - sometimes it comes out during action scenes, but in general there's no bass whatsoever even when there should be. The sense of "space" is also very lacking - Jurassic Park sounded so spacious, real, dimensional; Independence Day sounded bland, flat, boring. It's almost like the entire movie is in mono when listened to on headphones. Dynamic range is also very lacking, with no quiet moments or loud moments.


Whoever mixed the audio surely did a terrible job. I don't know if the lack of details in the treble is a poor attempt at getting rid of noises in the recording or what, but it sounds pretty much like someone put a filter up and cut off all the higher frequencies. Same with the bass (with the exception of a few places).  This film being much newer than Jurassic Park, I was rather shocked by the sloppy presentation. In Blu-Ray, nonetheless.