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For Sale:
HRT Streamer Pro with the Mini XLR Balanced cables

Will Ship To: Anywhere

plus paypal fees plus delivery. Am selling this perfect near new HRT Streamer Pro , HRT's flagship model up til the end of last year. The problem with them has always been about getting the right cable. I am therefore supplying you with the cable it took me a month to source. It is a mini XLR to RCA phono , so it will fit in a normal amplifier.

Punchy detailed top notch sound you can only imagine the build quality when you can get the acclaimed HRT Streamer for £150- this one retails through analogue seduction for £437 including P & P, and no cable . The cheapest connectors he will sell you are adapters only and they add £72 to the £437- total £509. Sheesh!!!!

I bought this DAC in December 2012 it's hardly been used , I thought I would use it more , it's only been used for 10 hours or so which is a scandal for something of this quality.

For those of you not familiar with the HRT , this is a usb pc only DAC which needs only the USB connection to power it. Plug it in connect it your amp sit back enjoy.

The unit comes in the original box .

The price you pay is £300. Nothing more nothing less. Any USB cable will do for it. I have a short one if you want one most people will already have one I'll guess. 

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