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Actually, own the Denon AH-D600 and love it !


At home, I have an Audio-GD Sparrow which is good pairing with the Denon.

But at office I actually only use the comuter jack for listening music ... (I know, shame)

Of course I think about upgrading my setup at office with a little combo DAC/AMP.


After reading the forum, I think about some solutions :

- IBasso D7

- IBasso D-Zero

- Fiio E17 Alpen


The advantage of D-Zero and E17 is that I can pair them to my Samsung GS3 LTE for nomade listening (but it's a "plus", not a necessary)


I think the E17 alone can drive the Denon easily, but I know I can pair it at office with a E09K for amp.



What do you think about that ?

Do you see another solution (same range of price) ?


thanks you all.