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I'm in town now, and can't wait for the meet! See you all in the morning.

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When is the latest you can buy the raffle tickets? And am I correct thinking the announcements are at 3pm?

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Raffle takes place at 3pm so yes tickets need to be bought before then.
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I'll aim to get to Pret Euston for breakfast about 9-20am and walking along to the hotel about 9-40.

It's not far to walk and easier than the tube via Kings Cross. Unless it's raining!


See you all tomorrow.

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Originally Posted by NevilleM View Post

Unless it's raining!




What would be the odds of that!

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It's going to be a nice day guys and girls. I managed to persuade my friend to come along. Can't wait
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Look forward to the rare Technics RP-FDA100.



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Can I add 3 more to my +1.i have some friends who would love to see the event for an hour or so.ill chaperone them;)
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Looking forward to tomorrow.... no today morning!


Getting lost in my gear at the moment. Fun stuff.

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Good morning smily_headphones1.gif
Not alone... smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by jude View Post

I'm in town now, and can't wait for the meet! See you all in the morning.


Originally Posted by negura View Post


What would be the odds of that!

Rain - Welcome to England Jude!!


Bookies stopped taking odds on that one now Negura.; )

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A lot of people up bright and early. Good to see. Looking forward to meeting you all. I am 20 miles into my 4 hour coach journey. I wished I could be there for the build up but will be there for 10. See you all soon,
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0 sleeps biggrin.gif


Looking forward to meeting all you guys later!


Have a good journey and look after your bags...



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I'll be on a train in about one hour, hopefully to make it to Euston for 9.45. Next Head-fi meet needs to be further "oop North" in my humble opinion. :)


I've repurposed the name badge I got for showing people around university for this. 

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I am at Birmingham International station about to catch the Euston train. Am meeting Ste when he joins at Coventry.

Looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of hours.


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