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Heading there with my girlfriend, really excited about attending my first meet! Hope that's ok, won't need any food!
Hoping to buy a pair of hd650 and maybe a portable amp!
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I’ll also have 3 iem’s that will be for sale. A new pair of the new Heir Audio 5.0 (£390), a lightly used pair of Westone 4 (like new for £240), and a carefully owned pair of Earsonics SM3 v1 (£190).

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Oh, and I’ll also bring along some Comply T-400 and T-500 tips, in case there are people wondering what the difference between them is and want to see them up close.

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Originally Posted by Jimlad View Post

Total newbie to meets here so I'm really curious what it's going to be like. How do these meets work - do you just wander around listening to various gear, or set up at a table and listen to stuff as small groups, or what? Also is it mandatory to bring lots of stuff or can you just roll up with some IEMs and check out what other people have brought?

Do as you please really,
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vinyl crackle, I will have 400 comply so people can demo IEMs.

I would really like to demo the SM3 for a bit!
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Please add me to the list, and I'll probably be bringing a friend as well!

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GSARider. Do you need any help setting up?
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Just wondering, what time does it start?


EDIT: Just wondering, since when I cannot read...


Got 2 friends of mine coming along, my STAX will not be there sadly.

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I've never heard the hd600 or any open can sadly. So looking forward to checking them out.

And sorry to be a pain but i am just coming with my brother as his mate couldn't make it. So a +1.
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I still would like to know if it's ok to bring a camera with me. I would like to know it as I need to know what to pack tonight.

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Everyone should put this on their facebook and linked in


Confirmed coming - bringing


Nova N3

Studio -V


Graham Slee Voyager


DT1350, D2000 and T-50p,

will bring I7 Win7 laptop too


and USB cables, don't forget cables and power supplies !!

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Nice, look forward to trying the CIEM ones out with my MG6 Pros.

Originally Posted by Toxic Cables View Post

I have managed to take out some time, to make a good selection of cables for everyone to try, i will drop them off to GSARider when i arrive, so please see him, should you wish to try any.


HD800, Silver Widow, Silver Poison, Black Widow 22 and Scorpion 18AWG.

HD6XX, Silver Poison, Viper and Scorpion.

Audez'e, Virus, Silver Widow, Silver Poison and Black Widow 22.

HE, Silver Poison, Black Widow 22 and Viper/Scorpion hybrid.


CIEM, Virus, Silver Widow, Silver Poison, Viper and Scorpion.


I will see whatever else i have lying around and bring them over also. I have been extremely busy with orders lately, so not been able to make as many as i would have liked for the meet. All cables will be new, not burned in, other then the new Virus.


Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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Update, my +1 can no longer attend.


Btw, are there any specifics on the catering in terms of what's available? Just curious tis all. 

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I've been looking through the last few pages to find the latest list of gear people are bringing for auditioning.


I would like to add the following to the list if that's ok (if/once I find the list, I will update this post accordingly):


Audeze LCD 2.2s

Toxic Cables - Silver Widow

HD800s with Anax mod (not decided yet)


Burson Conductor (DAC, preamp, amp)

Chord USB SilverPlus Cable

Merlin Tarantula Power cable

off a Dell XPS13 laptop


I've decided the Burson Conductor will be for sale (£1100), as I am waiting on upgraded gear in the next couple of weeks and would rather have it go to a head-fier. The wife gave me an ultimatum that I can't keep them all to be allowed to get the new gear. :)

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Yay! A conductor and 2.2 at the meet :D

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