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Originally Posted by Dreaming Of A Better ... View Post

i'd like to come, i'll bring a friend with me and i can take my  Audeze LCD-2 rev.1 with a Q-Audio cable, Burson HA-160D, Matrix Quattro DAC with me.

Yes. Please bring LCD-2 in.

I see AKG K702 in your signature. Would you manage to bring it in as well?

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Originally Posted by ProTofik View Post

Yes. Please bring LCD-2 in.

I see AKG K702 in your signature. Would you manage to bring it in as well?

i could but it was modded (the bumps on the headband were extremely annoying so i cut them off) and it looks like crap, i'm not too proud of that "mod" which is the reason i didn't offer to bring them to the meet.



i've got another friend who'd like to come, so if there's space for me and 2 more people i'll bring:


Audeze LCD-2 Rev.1 with a Q-Audio Cable (should i bring the stock cable too ?)

AKG K702 (i cut off the bumps on the headband and while its more comfortable its looks really crap)

Burson HA-160D

Fiio E10

Matrix Quattro DAC

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I make that 5 places left then chaps.

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Ahhh!! So pleased. I've just read all 36 pages of this thread with increasing excitement, and then the past few pages with 20 left, 10 left, 7 left, 5 left etc have left me increasingly nervous!


Looks like I'm just in time. Please please count me in!


Relative novice, have just one pair of Headphones (ATH-ESW9s) and three iems, though two of them are a bit temperamental (Klipsch X10 and Beyerdynamic DTX-100s) and my new Monster Turbines, which I'm enjoying at present. That plus one of the cheaper fiio amps, which I bought and then rarely use, as all my headphones / iems are easily powered by my Creative Zen Vision M DAP.


Looking forward to trying out some high end stuff and dreaming of things that I can't afford! See you there in a month! :-)

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Down to four then...smily_headphones1.gif

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Can anyone post a updated list of who comes and what they will bring (or plan to) along..thanks!

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I'll be bringing

Graham Slee Voyager
RSA Shadow
Nova N3 with various IEM

Can also bring
Cambridge Dac100


Grado HF-2
Senn HD-650 w equinox cable

Don't want to bring too much as I'll be coming by train.
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I hope to bring ATC T15's. IE8's (but then Sennheiser probably have that covered!) Graham Slee Voyager, Headstage Arrow. Russ Andrews silver LOD. Is the Orpheus coming. I would love to spend 5 mins listening to those. smily_headphones1.gif
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@GSARider is it ok if my friend comes as well?  He's new to the whole headphone thing and he'd be really interested in what a decent headphone rig sounds like. biggrin.gif

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Yep no problem, did you have your name down already previously, if so I just need to add one more...?

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Yep, I had my name down previously so you only need to add one more.
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Down to three places left then chaps

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Does anyone has an emotiva amp? I wanna compare it to my 337

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Count me in please! I'll be bringing my HD600, DT770 and M+M Schiit Stack(if it arrives from the US in time).

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Please count me in - I'd very much like to come.


If I come on the train it'll be hard to bring much. However, if my wife doesn't need the car I could maybe bring my desk rig if people were interested:


MacBook Pro running Fidelia > iFi USB power supply conditioner > Meridian Explorer > Icon Audio HP8 mk2 > Senn HD800


If I'm on the train I'll have my DX100 with me smily_headphones1.gif

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