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I was kidding. wink.gif

I was quite impressed by his RS2 out of the SE output of my LD MKVI to be honest. Grados can sound amazing but they are an acquired taste.wink.gif

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Hi Cakensaur,      Yes I'll bring my GS1000 and RS2's along and with a bit of luck I might even have all the parts to build and bring some Magnum/jmoney/vibrolabs/Grado hybrid/mongrel things........

I'll also bring some reaming equipment to enlarge the bore of Zenpunks auditory canal in order that the music can properly reach his Cochlea....yes,  that should help......

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Hey! Junior boy, don't belittle me I am a 1000+ headfier. biggrin.gif

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Thats great! thanks :D !

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Humblest apologies oh master poster.....I got ahead of my self.......
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Would love to come. Is there a sign up sheet somewhere?
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Originally Posted by Ste View Post

Trev, yes I will definitely bring my T1s, they're excellent phones and worth a listen.


thanks very much Ste
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Originally Posted by daniel_hokkaido View Post

any headroom or ray samuels amps would be great. 


EDIT: could someone sort out 4-pin balanced cables for 650s, 700s and 800s ? for use with HDVA amps. cheers!


Did you mean the ray samuels portables or the large ones?
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Originally Posted by GSARider View Post

Yes and still looking, holding on until the meet now to try a selection with my HD 800's. Those that have a lot of equipment to set up, please come along by 9.30am and that way you'll have time to set up. Once we're together, we can work out who can look after who's equipment if they would like to go for a wander.


Sorry I don't get into London til 0920 at the bus station it'll be closer to 10 - sorry but I have a lot of miles to cover
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Originally Posted by Cakes View Post



GSARider + 1 Bringing: MacBook Pro Retina, Fiio E17, Fiio E09K, HDVD800 (If bought in time) Amperiors x 2 (1 x Custom Cable), IE80 (Toxic Silver Poison), HD800 (Toxic Copper).




Naimless-Yulong D18 and A18,Onkyo ND-S1,Ipod,Hifiman HE400,Shure SRH1840 plus whatever else I can fit in the case.


Zenpunk : MDAC + Topping TP60 or Little Dot MKVI+ (if coming with a car) + HD700, HE6, JVC DX1000, Sony XBA40, JVC FXZ200, PFE232.


Julian H : Macbook Pro with ALAC's, Nuforce Async USB DAC SE, Fiio E11, iPod Classic 160gb with ALAC's, Grado 325is, iGrado and Beyer DT1350's




Suicidal Orange Bringing: Tera Player, Ultrasone Edition 8, Pro 750, Sony PFR-V1 (more to add nearer the time)




Somnambulist Bringing: iBasso DX100 NAD M51 DAC  MG6Pro customs


hifimanrookie: asus i7 laptop with lots of flac, he500 with toxic cables black widows 8wire 22awg, hm602 and if i find a way to transport it safe into a mighty 337.


Daniel Hokkaido + 1


Tangster Bringing: FiiO E07K, Topping D1, IE80(taped), XBA-3, Phonak PFE112, Goldring DR150(possibly also MarkL D5000 and/or A900X)




Cakensaur Bringing: AKG Q701, Modded Grado sr80i


Louis940 Bringing: Beyer DT990 250 Pro, Digizoid ZO2


Cakes Bringing: AKG K1000 with Stefan AA Equinox cable (standard jack, SE), Sen HD800 with DHC Macromolecule cable (standard jack, SE), Eastern Audio Dac Plus with DEXA upgrade. If space permits I can also bring an Isotek Nova power conditioner which fits up to 6 source components. 
















Jimbob747 (tbc)



  • MacBook Air/Nuforce CDP-8
  • NAD M51
  • Woo GES (Possibly STAX SRM-717)
  • STAX S-002 (With SRM-002)
  • STAX SR-202
  • STAX SR-Lambda Nova Signature
  • STAX SR-Sigma Pro
  • STAX SR-007 MK I
  • STAX SE-007 MK II
  • Sennheiser HE-60
  • Koss ESP-950




Takeanidea sony d e 555 portable cd player with cds slee novo headphone amp Fidelity Audio HPA 200 SE Headphone Amp hd800s denon ahd2000's Samsung galaxy note 2 with 64 gig card sony xba 4ip fischer audio dba 02 mk 2s shure ec5cs ue triple fi 10s monster gratitudes imod 5.5 with rsa the hornet & ibasso heron amps

Voodoo Chile: Arcam alpha 8 cd player, Fidelity Audio HPA-100 amp, HD-650's.








Swimsonny - HiFiMAN HE-500 - Sennheiser HD580 - Lots of IEMs - Lots of Portable amps - Rhapsodio Stuff - Effect Audio Cables - Check profile For More Details!






























Davedog (tbc)


Super Snorlax


Leonardo BVB


Bandeira (tbc)














Type35: Creative Aurvana Live, Panasonic RP-HTF600-S, AKG K702, HRT MS2+


E3SEL + 2






Nixon- Heir Audio 4.Ai










Piercer - Colorfly C4 and Beyerdynamic T5P's


Turrican2 - DX-100, AKG3003i, Heir 3ai with Whiplash hybrid cable, RSA Predator. Can bring HE-500 with Toxic Silver poison balanced cable and o2 amp if anyone is interested.



Trade Attending:




Custom Cable


Oscar Audio


Wilkins Pouches

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Originally Posted by saint.panda View Post

Would love to come. Is there a sign up sheet somewhere?


The sign up sheet is the latest listing you can find here. You quote it and add your details to it Trev
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Originally Posted by Takeanidea View Post


Sorry I don't get into London til 0920 at the bus station it'll be closer to 10 - sorry but I have a lot of miles to cover

I come from i dontknow if i can make it so early gsadriver...wink.gif.dont even know ifthere is such an early flight that saturday..or else i have to take a late night friday flight and get a hotel or something.


how bout electricity? R there enough wall sockets for all the (more electricity dependable) stuff we bring..i myself alwaysdirectly connect my 337 into 2 wall sockets (it has two powercords!) to my ears it sounds best in that way connected to electricity...a tube amp maniac told me that in the past if u have a strong tube amp. keeping ALL my fingers crossed hoping frank from toxic cables can make it to the meet!

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I just realised I still have a balanced cable for a H650 so will be bringing it along if anyone is interested.

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That's fine chaps, those that are coming a long distance, it's not an issue.

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Count me in count me in!!!! (Is this enough or do I have to sign anywhere?)

I'll be coming straight from Venice, so I don't think I'll be able to bring much stuff. My music for sure.


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