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London Meet - Saturday 27th April  

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Hi to all UK Head-Fier's, we'll be holding a get together on Saturday 27th April, 2013 in Central London, kindly sponsored by Sennheiser UK.


Timings will be from 10am to 4pm and the event will be held in the Hotel Russell in the Woburn Suite next to Russell Square Tube Station -




There is an NCP just around the corner and details of this and other parking can be found here:


Sennheiser will be bringing along a selection of their goodies, including their new Amps as well as headphones / IEM's. So we should have plenty of stuff to drool over...smily_headphones1.gif We also hope to have some Sennheiser staff on site to discuss / share info with.


And of course, all Head-fier's are welcome to bring their own gear along to share and let us all see your set ups.


Sennheiser will be kindly paying for the Hotel and providing soft drinks / sandwiches, etc and as such will be the only headphone manufacturer in attendance. However other companies that make / sell peripherals are welcome to get in touch with a view to coming along. All I'd ask is that you donate something for the charity raffle that we plan to hold, we don't intend to charge for 'trade' tables as such.



Raffle will benefit the Make a wish foundation and tickets will be £10 each.



Prizes so far:


Sennheiser HD800's with the serial no 20,000


Graham Slee Bitzie DAC


Toxic Cables £150 voucher towards any cable




Custom Cable ( ) will be attending as a Sennheiser dealer and will also be offering a minimum of a 10% discount, so if you have any special orders beforehand - please let me know, otherwise they will have a selection of products available to buy and I'm sure can post any others on after the meet. If anyone would like to pre-order a pair of Sennheiser headphones from Custom Cable to collect on the day, I have a discount code that I can pm - just let me know. This way you can get the 10% off and be sure of getting what you want.


Looking forward to a great day and hope to meet you all there!


Please add to your signature for the meet...!


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Good work, count me in.


I just recently sold my Stax rig, so won't be bringing too much unless I've got something new by then.


Will have the DT1350, Nickchen's "Yamlux" mod of the Yamaha HP-1 and maybe I'll dig out the Jecklin Float Model 2 for comedy value. 

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Sounds good Eddie..smily_headphones1.gif


I'm planning on bringing my HD800's along, hopefully with a second cable from Toxic, plus my Amperiors with my new custom cans cable/ Momentums / IE80's.

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You can count me in to, I could bring along a pair of HE400s and Shure 1840s and maybe an amp like the Aune S2 or Yulong A18/D18 if I can manage that lot on the train,look out for the guy struggling with a large suite case !
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Excellent, been looking to audition the Yulong gear!beerchug.gif

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count me in , will do some special show prices for the day.

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Also coming but slightly embarrassed to bring the same equipment as last year.what's happening to me!
Well, I have few new iems...
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That's great chaps, off to a great start!
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I am definitely coming biggrin.gif.


I can bring my MacBook Pro, async USB Nuforce DAC with Beyer DT1350s and Grado 325is if any interest?


Be great if Frank from Toxic is there with some of his all copper cables for my HD800s. I would love to try them before buying.


Cheers, Julian

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Great Julian, see you there. Frank hasn't asked yet, but he can certainly do so. For smaller traders, we are asking for a donation of their wares to go to our charity raffle.
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Please count me in.
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Can those coming please add the thread here to their signature to let other UK Head-Fiers see it.smily_headphones1.gif

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I'll be bringing as much as can fit in my suitcase - that should be pretty much everything.  The only exotic things would be the Sony PFR-V1 and Compact Tube Hybrid DIY amp.  Oh and I guess the Tera Player isn't very common...


I take it everyone needs to bring a socket strip too?

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I'll be arranging as many socket strips as possible, however if anyone can bring one along, it would be good.smily_headphones1.gif

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definitely coming , count me in


it iwill be my first such event , can not wait (my wallet cries already)

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