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Here's my Saddleback Front Pocket ID Wallet in dark coffee brown.




I keep my cash is a separate pocket, so this is just cards. I like that the ID window is open, no crappy plastic to get in the way and I can just slide my license out with my thumb when needed. The (relatively) small capacity just forces me to minimize what I carry, which is a good thing.

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I have been down this road as well. if you spend for a martin dingman or ferrigamo you pretty much never need another wallet. as long as you do not put it in the laundry.

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My "Dosh" wallet is made from recycled tyres apparently...


 the inside has take a bit of a pounding (all those headfi purchases...)

normally there is at least some money in it...

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I have two of these.  Best wallet i've ever had.

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I recently picked up a saddleback bifold wallet. Very happy with the quality and the smell of it so far. Highly recommended!

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I've got a Dockers leather L-Fold.

It's pretty thick, but it's nice quality, and for sure nice to hold. It smells pretty good too. (If you're into that...)


 Front of my wallet, closed.



Inside, halfway unfolded.

There's an ID window which usually caries my license (removed for the sake of not getting my identity stolen, and one day finding my bank account spent on a trip to the Bahamas I never planned).

There's also 3 card slots with an extra pouch behind.



The side with the ID window flips up to reveal more card slots. I use these for the gift cards I got for Christmas.



Plenty of room for my craploads of singles behind my gift cards.



I even stuck in some aluminium sheets covered in duct tape to give at least a little protection from RFID readers.

It seems I've foiled their plans! (Ba-dun-tsss)


It's not exactly luxury, or minimalist, or anything, but it was made from some nice leather, and had decent stitching, and everything. Plus, it has a pretty cool design, in my opinion.

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