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Breaking in DT 990 pros and have questions

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My DT 990's came in today. I have the 880's already but the premium version and this is unexpectedly different. I knew from the pictures that the outer covers were a little different but I assumed the rest was the same.


1. The headband is a button over kind but it seems to be fake leather. I thought the button style were leather ones? I have a button version on back order for my DT 880, are those usually plastic too because I thought it would be leather.


2. A coiled cable. Ugh... >,<  At least it's not as heavy as the Sony V6 one is.



3. Does anyone know if the arms that hold the cans are plastic or metal? It's very difficult to tell. If they are metal they are anodized or something. The ones on my 880 are metal and have some kind of powder coat or something on them.


4. The clamping pressure is immediately and noticably higher. Has anyone had good luck bending them out a bit to reduce clamping pressure?


5. Will this sibilance go away? IT's been too many years since I broke my 880's in and I no longer remember what they used to sound like, but these seem a little fatiguingly bright. They are literally 5 minutes old so I remain hopeful.

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The DT880 has a round piece of felt covering the driver on the ear side but the DT990 doesn't so the highs will be more piercing. If it continues to bother you experiment with placing material in the earcup to damp the highs.
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Wow. I'm listening to "Take Five" and I swear to god, I can hear every little inflection of stick on ride cymbal.... The grace notes he's playing on the snare become incredibly easy to pick out as well. Better bass, more dynamic highs, same great midrange.....I think I'm in love.


It's like Beyerdynamic had a meeting "The 880 is very good. Yes very good. Very linear. Very transparent. What if, and I'm just laying this out there, what if we toyed with the response curves, gave it gratuitous amounts of bass, kept the same midrange and turned the high dial from 10 to 11. We could call it a DT 990 and it would be our "just for fun" model for people who want to enjoy music, not disect it." But instead of calling it a Beats by Beyer, or the Beyerdynamic DT550, they kept the same classy look of the 880 and snuck it in under the radar.



The DT990 is James Bond. He wears a suit well and is a gentleman but he also has a license to kill.....

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