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For Sale: My Trusty Schiit Bifrost (non-usb)

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For Sale:
My Trusty Schiit Bifrost (non-usb)

Will Ship To: US

Hi everyone,


I am selling my Bifrost dac (non-usb). I bought this as my first serious audiophile product and it has completely sky-rocketed my interest in this hobby even more. I've had it for a while now so it's time for me to make a few upgrades, for starters moving up to the bifrost's big brother. I'd like to sell it to someone else on here that will love it like I have.


Condition is very good. No marks or imperfections aside from some fingerprints.


I'm asking for $280 including shipping via UPS to the continental United States, Please inquire with confidence in the wake of me having no feedback. The gear chain you see in my sig is what I've had from the beginning and this is the first time I'll be selling some of it off. Look out for threads on my EF-5 amp, HE-5, and lyr very soon.


Thank you


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New member, long time reader. PM sent. Didn't know about daily limit though. redface.gif

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