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The Sennheiser HD598's Bass: Lack There Of or Just Enough (for non bass-heads)

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I've been hearing mixed feeling regarding these headphones. There are those who think that they are way too bass light for genres like Hip Hop, while others think that basically if your not a bass head, the amount of bass should satisfy a non bass-head.

I'm torn between these and the UE6000s, but the (I'm ashamed to say this) looks and the mids are keeping me from sealing the deal on the UE6000. My mind is telling me to get the UE6000 but my heart's telling me to go with the HD598s.

Questions (to clarify and add):
Do the HD598s have enough bass to satisfy genres like hip-hop(not all the time), r&b(examples: a whole lot of Ne-Yo and Bruno Mars),Rock/Alternative (can't really tell the difference)(examples: This Is War by 30 Seconds To Mars, etc.), J-Pop/J-Rock (examples: Sign by Flow, A Train in Blue by Asian Kung-Fu Generation), and even a little OST/Soundtrack/Classical (Modern Warfare 2 soundtract: Extraction Point, and Pirates of the Carribean 2: the Kraken (Hans Zimmer))?

Are these equalizer freindly?

If not, how about the UE6000s?

If still not, how about the MDR-MA900s?

I had the Grado SR80is but returned them mainly due to their comfort and lack of bass (sometimes). How much bass do they have compared to the SR80is?

Note: These will be run off of an iPod with and/or a Fiio E11.
I'm not a bass-head but I'll need more bass than the SR80is have. I also have the Philips Citiscape Uptown. How much a bass do they have compared to those.

Thanks Head-Fi'ers, you guys make everything so easy!
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You could always pick up the UE6000 and the PX100-II on the side. The PX100-II has a very similar sound signature to the HD598, and I actually prefer the PX100-II. Plus, then you could have a portable at your side if you ever need it.


Aside from that, I find the HD598's pretty bass light, although they are quite balanced, yet a pinch bright. I personally like the MA900 better than the HD598 as well, and I find it has a bit more bass presence and tactility. The HD558 is the HD598's bassier brother.


Unless my memory fails me, the E11 has a bass boost switch does it not? I'm not familiar with the iPod, but you can always play around with the EQ (assuming it has one). That's a great way to turn nearly any headphone into one you'll like.


Good luck!

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Thanks. Would you prefer the MA900 to the UE6000, or even the DT770 pro 80s?
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Sorry, haven't tried either one. MA900's are hard to get information on, because they got swept under the rug so quickly. Generally speaking, if you really want bass, closed headphones are the way to go IMO. Unless of course like I mentioned, you have access to an EQ in which you can push the bass to whatever limit you want (some headphone don't respond too well though, and distort early).

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the headphone has a good amount of upper bass and midbass, just lacking subbass.
and the eq can fix this problem, but the thing is you still won't get face hitting bass, you will feel a pretty spacious sounding weighty bass

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I have the HD-595, which are the same thing basically, and when I up the bass boost on my Fiio E17 with them just one bit I get a SIGNIFICANT punch/impact increase. Which I didn't expect because yes I would suggest that, out of the box, they are a little lethargic sounding in the bass department.

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Heard the UE headphones has no replaceable earpads? So once it deteriorated that's it... 

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I have both the 598s and the SR80s. The 598s have more bass than the Grados and are generally fuller sounding. They are quite chameleon like in that they sound completely different with different recordings, which is a good thing. The bass is not overpowering, but is nicely present and they respond well to EQing. The mids and uppers are amazing for this price point, as is the soundstage, which for me makes up for the other slight deficiencies.

When listening to movies, they bass and detail seem quite spectacular, but I do also remember listening to some Public Enemy and wanting for a little more punch in the very low end. The bass is there, but it doesn't punch that hard.

As an all rounder can though, they are very, very good and unless I'm wanting very bright and fast sounds for some of my metal and other aggressive stuff, I'll always choose them over my Grados.
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