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One last shot

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Hi guys, I recently posted here a thread about choosing my next universals and decided to opt to buy the 4r (sorry for posting again since i dont know how to delete my thread before)

I was influenced by threads here regarding Heir Audio, i really like their designs and I wanna seek for an advice.. Last shot.

I listen to these type of music:

Music from:
Mayday parade
Boys like girls
We the kings
All time low
Rocket to the moon
Other boy bands out there
The script

Also from:
Jason mraz
One direction
And many more

Which do you think will suit me more?

3.Ai or 4.Ai?

Also i am wondering if i should get the premium version of 3.Ai incase it suits my taste.. Can you please enlighten me? Thanksssss!
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The biggest difference to be mindful is which has true 3-way crossover.  If the 3ai has true 3-way crossover they will perform just fine, but if they are just 2-way crossover then there will be some definite crossover issues with the 3 drivers.


Be sure to check out this post:

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Hi NA, that's not how it works with crossovers. It's about the tuning. Having 3 BAs is no problem with a well-designed 2-way.

The 3A is a 3-way crossover. People really like both the 3A and the 4A. They are tuned for different sounds, so read about them first, then pick the one that suits you best.
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Tuning may be the fix, but with the many pairs of Demo CIEMs I have tried I could easily hear audible issues with the 2-way crossover.  I settled on the JH 10 x3 Pro and find no issues with the crossover nor the sound signature for that matter.  I can definitely see how the 2-ways I was listening to were not ideally tuned, but in almost any case the crossover can be detected and more often than not heard.

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I have read many reviews, i am asking people who have tried listening to these bands with the 3ai and 4ai. Thanks though!
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I haven't heard the 3ai, but the 4ai was just be a little bass-shy for rock (for me), which you listen to a lot. 


If the 3ai is in the same ballpark of technical performance, then go for that.

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