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For Sale: HE-500 -- Like New!!!

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For Sale:
HE-500 -- Like New!!!

Will Ship To: UK/EU

I bought these a couple of months ago to compare them with the LCD-2's which I also recently purchased, and after much indecision I have finally decided to keep the LCD-2's. The HE-500's are actually the better all-round headphone, but the LCD-2's are more suited to my musical preferences. Unfortunately I cannot afford to keep both, otherwise I would. 


They are practically like new with only 60-70 hours of burn in on them, although much of this was while they were just sat on a headphone stand and have only actually been worn for ~15 hours or so. They come in the original case with the manual, velour pads (which have never been worn), soft pouch and silver cable.


I am asking for £490 including UK postage, not including fees if you are paying by Paypal. I am willing to post within the EU however postage will probably be slightly more expensive (probably another £10-£15 or so for an insured courier). I am of course open to reasonable offers, but remember these are in perfect condition, still in warranty, and the UK retail price is nearly £700!

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6 months too early for me.

mad.gif damn

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Asking price reduced to £500.

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Are these still available ?

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Where did you buy the LCD 2 from? Here in UK it is so hard to find them. Thanks

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Price drop to £490 including shipping within the UK!

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