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Hi, a month ago i decided to buy a cowon x9, i was kinda happy with it (altough i missed bluetooth) but two days ago it freeze, i tried to restart it and it just turn black, i cant turn it on now, it has guarantee so i am going to return it, now i dont know what to buy, in the store there are still some cowon j3 and i thought getting one (as i already bought a 32gb sd card), but i keep reading everywhere that it breaks down really fast and i want a device that sticks with me a long time, i really cant be spending much, (i see people with ipods that last a long time), what do you recommend, i liked the sound quality of cowon x9 but i heard somewhere that if u pay 3$ for the BEE app on an ipod touch it sounds the same, is it true? so an option might be an ipod touch 5g, (i would need to save up a little money for this one), and ipod classic (with a bluetooth adapter for ipod, are thoose bluetooth adapters any good? or they distort the music),

i want storage, some battery life, bluetooth,sound quality and an acceptable ui, mabe an ipod and save up for a portable amp? an amp + ipod is better than a cowon?


thanks for your time and for your advices


PD: excuse my english.


PD:PD: i will also buy a soundfreaq soundplatform, what do you think about it.

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