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Surprise TDK EB-750: $6.99 of BETTER AWESOME...w/Special guest TDK IE-500 Ceramic Housing (to follow) - Page 5

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Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post

Dear god why did he call Calpis. The horror.
I was trying to be optimistic about them...why'd ya have to break it to me that hard frown.gif

GLOW IN THE DARK? They gave them away at the festival? 

If it's a real dipole armature I'd be extremely impressed. Did not know there were other manufacturers for that around.

Good work - you've done good for the Canadian TDK Archival Association. Still no free membership though. That requires monthly donations. Preferably in IEM form.

I take that back - you've only answered 1 out of 3 of the model series I was interested in? Work harder darn it! Mad disappointed.

I think you mean add more treble...all of those foreign esoteric genre listeners only want more treble. It's a pretty open secret.

I don't think they use crossovers - they have a mechanical one instead. I guess you could crank open the back of one pair and make a tootsie-roll-mutant quad-dynamic. With the ergonomics of 1000 bastardized TF10s.

Damn right sissy pop. Crank up some real music you hear. 

And it seems like I was totally right about you treble fiends.
Haha sorry bout the BA100. They just don't seem nearly as interesting!

Nah... The glow in the dark one is in the link; what I got for free (for filling out a question form regarding BA700 vs MA600) is regular colours... Wish it were glow in the dark djfuejebak!!


Lol... Sorry will wok harder on the IP IS or wtv they are tongue.gif
Except TDK is super unpopular in the Frenchie province.

Well treble... Yes I guess. More specifically high mids but yeah.

You mean the IE800 or the BA200? The BA200 has just two BA strapped together with silicone afaik. I cracked them open. The IE800 has a diagonal plate in between the two drivers. In any case I think there's a Denon that's even fatter lol.

D: but sissy pop...

I'm not a treble head though. People even say I like dark signatures! Don't know if its just the one I received that got banged on the head the wrong way, or just my ears that got banged through the wrong hole.
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If people still have these (and they're back at XS Cargo) try blocking off the vent with a small piece of duct tape.  Seriously tames down the mid-bass bloat and improves the balance.

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Oooh, good idea.  I had tried this on the port on the back of the IE500, which had really nasty results... not to mention the loss of cool-factor of walking around with tape sticking out of  your ear...


Another idea is to try only partially blocking the port, like 1/2 or 3/4... fun times!

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Ah, well, I used a piece of duct tape like 1mm x 2mm on each side.  Not really visible.

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XSCargo in Canada has these EB-750 still for $9.99

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Just a little update - these things were dead within a month for me.  The non-existent strain relief on the plug is likely to blame.

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2 days on these and they're still tinny on the mids. How long do you have to burn them in?
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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

Hello fellow TDK T-300 fans, and also those who were on the fence with the MT-300.
Yeah there's always a few of those folks also.

 As many who had the opportunity to hear them and be a part of the "cheapos surprise tour" were so impressed with the bang for beyond buck TDK MT-300, we present to you now what I feel to be their improved brother, the TDK EB-750 .

Curiosity got the better of us with the utter surprise of the MT-300 and all it took to get this ball rolling was a pm about one of us finding some DIRT CHEAP other models...

 I'd like to thank Inline79 for helping find one of the few scant sellers we managed to source out here in Canada, these came from him, at least the cheaper of them, but it's so close that it's not worth fussing over. A few PM's later and they were ordered and on their way.
Look forward to his take on them , as no doubt mine is going to be a bit more of a feeling nature and his will be most likely more analytical. Then there's the "WILDCARD" secret MR."W" who we should be hearing from also, so between all 3 of these initial impressions it should be enough to grab you by the ears and convince you to grab a set for yourselves.  Who knows maybe this time shipping will be available to our southern friends as well. Not sure about that offhand. I think everyone who likes the MT-300 needs to check these out.  I'll be grabbing a backup set no doubt very soon!

These share the same "enthusiast" designation on the box itself, packaging is much the same with the exception of the included travel storage pouch! The pictures should speak for themselves.
  • All aluminum construction that could pass for stainless steel if it weren't for the lighter weight it's polished up that nicely, not like most of the ebay pictures.
  • Slightly different tips with a wider opening, and these tips also place the actual wider bore tip of the housing itself closer to your ear, and of course that means deeper into your ears I guess. When you look at them face on, the actual bore open face is about 3 mm from the end of the silicone tip end in your ears..
        Looking closely at the bore face, we can see that there is a black damping disc over the opening, and in the middle of that black fabric damper is a tiny hole also!
  • Very tiny pinhole vent just behind the bulges facing frontwards.
  • Cable is simply one of the best looking things I have seen aesthetically, it is a slightly tinted clear covering over top of aluminumized wires. This does have some slight issues though nothing at all that would deter me in any way. It might take some time for the kinks from being tied up in the box to work their way out. As well this cable is shorter than you would expect, thought it is enough for someone to be able to have a source device in their waist level pockets with a few inches of slack yet, just not as much as the MT-300's.
       = 24 inches to the "y" nice shiny aluminum splitter, another 14 inches to the base of the housing's "strain relief shaft"
  • The TRS jack end also is rather impressively heavy duty and of course as classy as the housings themselves all polished aluminum that seems solidly built. No tin-can thickness here this is beefier and longer than it needs be which is nice.
  • Included tips work wonders for me, they are perfect. A translucent grey silicone that seems a bit softer than the other stock TDK tips like with the MT-300 and IE-500. I of course found myself having to use the large MH1C tips to seal up properly on the 300's.
        The fit itself with the design doesn't bother me at all, i don't notice the longer shafts there, in fact it makes it much easier to remove them.

So now the all-important pictures, the glorious pictures ( that's half the battle right there )  to hook you and give some idea what I am talking about for the excellent build here.

^  next to it's brothers ( soon to be revealed IE-500 there )

Pouch and package profile

Look at that shine smile.gif

Cable closeup one of the coolest looking cables I have yet seen.

^ Exact size comparison with bore diameters and both stock large tips

MT-300 = 5mm at outer edge to edge
EB-750 = 6mm

In case you are wondering about weight ( minus tips ) keep in mind they are aluminum so why not check that right now at the door too smily_headphones1.gif
MT-300 = 2.1 grams each earpiece
EB-750 = 3.5 grams each earpiece

Not that much difference though they sure look it.
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Anyone with the ie500 clicking diaphragm while inserting to ear issue?

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Is the EB-760 for all intents and purposes the same as the 750? I picked up the 760's today at Ross for $7.99. Haven't had a chance to listen to them much but initial out of the box impressions are that they are way too bassy, and I hate the rigid cord.
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Found my old IE500 when cleaning my room today, tucked away inside its case, abandoned for 3-4 years (bought them when I first started taking my degree, wasn't really liking the sound, too many bass and feel muddy to me, then its left to the state its in until i found it just this afternoon... Though I have found demos of it on some stores, and I did compare it directly to my then daily, AT's IM50 out of my phone, then out of M3 few months back result? it does still feel too muddy...

3 hour ago though, I plug them to the Q1 and man, the mids and treble come to life!!! It sounds so much better! "really nothing more power and cleaner chain can't fix huh"  I thought to myself

It still retain the deep BASSS (a tiny bit tighter though... I think), mind you, but the vocal shines though now, not closedoff by a curtain like it was. It still has basically zero soundstage and average positioning, but I would have no problem using this as a spare IEM. No more daily though,this thing is like a magnet to hard objects! due to its weight, it swings and swings when i pick it up, when i wind it, annoying... I just wonder how it doesnt break after all that loud-sounding knocks...

Overall, not bad for my 1st actual "Enthusiast" IEM  etysmile.gif not as good as my current daily driver, AT's IM50 which is better on every way other than its bass, but it's a fraction of what I paid for the Audio Technica

BTW for anyone wanting to tame that bass a bit and add more to the mids and treble to this iem, put a Spin Fit for it smily_headphones1.gif it might have a bit of a problem with how short and shallow the stem is on the IE500 though

@nuBreed yeah mine has it on the left side, doesnt seem that annoying though...

P.S. now i know better that the piece is better worn with the cable over the ear, that way the port on the angled side also doesn't get covered... after my experience in Headphones in the last couple of years I finally that i miss something great! Wakaka! (it actually has better fit than my IM50 for when laying down on bed, sit flush)
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