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Received my WA7. Thought I would add my initial observations:


Temperatures were measured with a Fluke 62 Max+. Maximum temperature degrees C scanned in given location noted.


Ambient:  19.2 deg C



Minutes    Supply   Case     Tube
     0          19.2      19.2      19.2
   20          25.0      21.3      62.5
   40          29.8      25.5      66.5
   60          32.3      28.1      69.6
   80          33.2      29.3      73.0
 100          35.5      31.9      73.3
 120          35.6      32.6      73.5
 180          36.9      34.7      74.4
 240          37.4      34.8      76.1
So far I have listened with both hifiman HE-500 and Beyerdynamic T90. Things are still changing as the stock Sovtek tubes settle in. Initial Impressions after 6 hrs:
Silent background
Solid bass with clarity, impressive transient capability
That tube magic midrange
Impressive clarity on the high frequencies
I was on the fence about selling the HE-500. They are competent but never really sparkled on my other amps (WA3+, V200, O2, DAC-1.) They seem to have come to life on the WA7. They stay while I listen longer and evaluate this combination.
As each to his own on their search for sonic utopia, I must say that if I was told I could only have the WA7 and the Beyer T90, I would indeed be happy to listen to my library, enjoying the music quite well. In fact the danger of this combination is losing oneself in the music and forgetting time. A reminder that my preferences and auditory canal resonances are such that given the Sennheiser HD600 and HD650 I would choose the HD600. YMMV.

Glad to know that, so it is safe to touch it if you put it in the office?