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Hello, I'm In the market for a new Pair of IEMs (My old RHA ma 350s broke and I don't feel like sending them in) Ufortunneatly I am not able too spend much money. So here are the IEMs I'm currently looking at:


Klipsch s4 or s4 ii (Is there a serious difference?

Soundmagic e10

Klipsch x10 (Most I am willing to spend, found them for $80 on amazon)


I'd prefer to stay under $50, But if there are any serious upgrades I will consider them.

I'm looking for a set that are fairly accurate, perhaps with a little more bass (Nothing to dramatic though)

I mainly listen to Rock, Metal, and Trance (A few Hardstyles as well) and would prefer nothing to "Flashy"


So, if any of you can help me out I'd really appreciate it, also, any other suggestions are appreciated.

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