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Glad you like the M50s. I used to pair mine with a FiiO E17 and they thumped pretty good. If you decide you want even more Bass I'd  second Oregonian's suggestion for the the M-Stuido Q40s. They have amazing Bass and smooth highs. Not a bad 'phone at all and they are fairly cheap. Certainly nothing wrong with the M-50s though. They are very highly regarded for the price and were my first "bassy" headphone as well. smile.gif

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Try the Sony XB1000 headphones, same heavy bass sound signature as other XB line headphones, but with bigger '70'mm drivers. The Sony XB1000 headphones are not easy to drive though you need a beast of a amplifier like the Fiio e9 to get the most bass out of them.

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Can anyone recommend a pair of headphones equal to or better than the xb500s? I loved everything about mine, but sadly, they are now dead and I need a replacement asap! Please advise, thanks guys! :)

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