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My computer is on my right, which causes my DT880 Pro cord to be on the left side of me and pulls across my body (mainly my throat).


I noticed the Unified drivers have an option to swap left/right, is there any downside to this?  Would there be any added delay (for gaming) or quality loss?
I couldn't find the same option in the native Asus control panel.


Also, as a gamer I set my audio to 8 channels, so to get the best surround possible in gaming, but it is recommended to use 2 channel for music.  I seem to notice music sounds better using 2 channel, but don't want to keep swapping it between 2 & 8 channel all the time, as I will likely forget some of the time and it is a pain in the butt.  Is there really a difference, or is it just something I am imaging because it says not to do it?

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