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Looking to try something new (What Headphones should I buy?)

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if you can idk how but this thread has been answered for me, buying the ultrasone edition 8





I'm brand new to this whole forum deal but I was looking on Google and this place seemed the most knowledgeable for music. Having extra money and breaking my last pair of headphones by accident after a few years I wanted to try a much higher end set(or can I think you call it?) to see what the drastic price difference is about or for. I was searching online for them when a website I came across mentioned a few brands that (after more searching) were confirmed as "the best" headphones out there, naming Sennheiser HD800 and Fostex TH-900 as the best two out there (Just a link so I feel like I don't sound like I'm making stuff up http://www.headphone.com/selection-guide/top-picks-for-audiophiles.php?price=2000). After much searching I came across a few forum threads mentioning these on this site from Google and I read that at such a price range all sets of headphones are different for listening to different genres of music and I figured I should post here for some advice. I really don't want a flame war(that's what they called it on the last thread I read) and if it ends up like that I will just leave. I want a headset for around 1500$ or lower as long as they're great quality and I will be using them to listen to music like Garage/Dubstep (MrSuicideSheep's playlist on youtube is a favourite of mine if you know him) and club music. I understand that might sound a little bit absurd for somebody that doesn't know so much about music to spend so much on headphones but I hear the difference between 100$ headphones and 200$ headphones quite clearly so I want to experience something amazing with my music next, thank you for reading my exceedingly long story.




What headphones should I try for under 1500$ for listening to music


Music genre: Garage/Melodic Dubstep/club every now and again something like UB40 (red red wiiiine, ya you know that song xD)


Open or closed(read this on your forums):i'd prefer closed


Portable: I would like them to be if it's possible, read the bottom part of my second post as i was PMed an answer that i want to be sure of.


I'm not quite sure I can think of anything else you may want to know to give me accurate help




If I came across as something other than grateful and polite I'm extremely sorry that wasn't my intention I just wanted to not seem like this was a passing curiosity that would die down. I'm quite keen on this atsmile.gif Thanks for reading again!

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Oh oops, i also forgot to mention I AAAAM looking forward to learning more about headphones so I don't feel like a completely ignorant boob on here so explaining things to me helps, thanks lol tongue.gif


Edit: just figured out how to edit posts now, sorry for posting a bunch of times on this confused_face.gif






Okay so I was told I can't get a very good set of headphones that i can just walk around with plugged into my phone because apparently it takes more then ohms than my ipod has and amps aren't portable so i need to downgrade (please let me know if there's an alternative to this!)

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