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Earphone Comparison

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Hello everyone,


I am very new to the whole earphone experience and looking for some help purchasing new earphone, i am currently using the Bose MIE2i, i bought it about 6 months ago and it sounds great but i am looking to upgrade my music experience. i am thinking about the Shure SE215 it has pretty much the same price range with the MIE2i so i dont know if it will be worth a change, can someone give me some suggestion and comparison? how does the Shure SE215 sounds? 


Very happy to be a part of this community and looking to contribute as much as i can.


Thank you :)

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I'd go to these threads for new headphone advice: 


full-size --


in-ear/portable -- 


This forum is for general discussion, but the threads I linked are the recommendation threads in their respective forums (full size headphones, portable headphones)


Welcome and good luck!

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hi, in short in the audio world Bose is not a liked brand.  they have very poor price to sound ratio.  also youd be better looking in the portable / IEM's section

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