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MDR-EX600 vs XBA-3

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Hi guys,


I know the MDRs have been reviewed and I've seen reviews the XBA range on other sites but as with anything new it's always nice to compare them with what has gone before.  Now I don't want a comparison just for the sake of it because I'm actually contemplating buying one of these (well I can't even find a pair of XBA3s but have found the EX600s).


So from what I've come to understand about the XBA-3s is that out of the entire range these are the best in terms of value for money and performance being significantly better then the XBA-2s, and the jump in price to the XBA-4s doesn't also come with a similar jump in performance.  So I've decided to try and track down some online (not the ip versions) and I've come up short (UK based searches).  


I've managed to locate the MDRs and am wondering if it's worth having IEMs that have detachable cables (I was surprised to see some replacements online for around £80 excluding delivery) compared to purely fixed cables.  I'm using a Sony Walkman NWZ A865 which is decent enough and the earphones that came with it recently gave up the ghost by one side crackling indicating that it's on it's way to earphone heaven (the trash can).


So any advice as to the performance between the BA of the XBA and the Dynamic EX600 will be appreciated.  The type of music I listen to is an eclectic mixture of jazz, soul, some rock, electronic, and mainly film soundtracks.  I need to have a nice full bass with smooth mid and treble as that suits my music fine.  If it were possible to trial these myself then it would be easy, but that's not possible so your experience is appreciated.



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The EX600 are very good sounding but bass light compared to XBA3, adding AMPs will help lot in bass region but GR07, UE TF10Pro are almost in same price range and they are better sounding with better bass response.

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