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For Sale:
Travagans White and Black *** PRICE DROP ***

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi there, 


I am selling my travagans white which is a desktop dac/amp and my travagans black which is an external power supply for the white. I have had the white for a little over four years and got the black about two years ago. Having the black is a noticeable improvement over just having the white. The extra power filtering cleans up the sound, gives it a bit more drive, and the base becomes tighter. Travagans is a small company so you may not have heard of them, however these components are designed by David Linn from Firestone Audio.


I have been very happy with these components. I have been moving sideways for a while now buying new headphones but now I want to upgrade; that is why I am selling. The best thing about his amp is that it is not fussy about partnering neither does it have a problem with headphones that are harder to drive like my HD650. 


Both units work perfectly, cosmetically I would give them a 8/10 as the paint on the corners has rubbed off a bit. One of the sticky rubber bits underneath the the black is also gone but I am sure you can pick up a couple of new ones very cheaply if your bothered.  


I will ship these units for free to UK buyers, those outside the UK will have to pay for postage. Of course local pickup is also welcome. New these cost 400 me dollars together plus vat and duty charges. 


If your looking for more details HeadphoneAddict wrote a very positive review about the white/black and several other travagans products


If your interested I am also selling my Beyerdynamic DT880 pro (250 ohm version), Denon D2000, and Grado SR225's.


Thanks for looking!

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