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Don't like T70/T70p. Will I like DT1350?

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After doing lots of research on this forum I am set on the Beyer 1350. I went to a audiophile store and all they had really was a T70 and T70p. I didn't like either one. No pronounced bass, not the instrument separation I was hoping for. I used several different sources, among which were also high end home hifi amps. Somehow all that struck me were strong mid-high tones. I did like the T70 better than the T70p. But I would not spend 250 Euro's for them and they cost double that. DT1350's can be had for around 280 Euros.


Given I don't like the T70(p), is there a chance I will in fact like the 1350s?



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For 280 euros you probably won't like them.


DT1350 and T70P share a quite similar sound signature and DT1350 have a slightly muddy mid-bass and lower-mids IMO. While the instrument separation and the mid-high are pretty good for headphones at that size. 


I used to own a pair of DT1350, listened to T70P only and have a pair of T5P on my head...

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T5p has great reviews, but it's way out of my price range. If it's not going to be the 1350's, I don't know what I should get. I selected it based on the following criteria:

- closed

- warm sound

- play at low volumes and still get good sound

- portable

- durable

Any suggestions?

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Choose your music, then choose your headphone.

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OK, suppose I choose my music, could you help me a little where to look to find the HP I would want for that music? My music is this:

- mainly albums from artists like tears for fears, U2, Coldplay, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Ilse de Lange, Racoon

- some top 40

- some classical (<2%)


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The classical/delicate microphone recordings is not going to be sounding great mainly because of resolution, but I think you should stick to DT1350. They are professional intended so that makes them tough workhorse headphones. Maybe V-Moda, AudioTechnica and Sennheiser HD25II have something equivalent. Always best to try.

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Thanks! There is hardly any store that has the 1350s on display for trying, as it's discontinued. I just might order a set of 1350s with a 7 day return policy and take it to a store to compare to some current models.

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I find the V-MODA M-80 warm sounding compared to other on-ear headphones belonging to the same segment (say Senn HD 25, Beyer DT1350, etc.). They meet all the criteria you mentioned above IMO, maybe except for being closed (they are semi-closed, so the isolation is not among the best).


My 2 cents.

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HD25-1 is a better choice than the DT1350, but the mid-high could be a little grainy.
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