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Best headphones for Country under $300

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As the title says, I have no idea what headphones to get.. I am a fan of T.Swift.. Thanks! smily_headphones1.gif

Amp: I don't have one yet.. Might be getting cricri or D2+ boa
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T. Swift and Justin Bieber are my faves. tongue.gif J/k...  wink.gif

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Smart assing aside. I listen to Country sometimes too. I'd assume you'd want something that's good with vocals. Which probably means an open backed design. The rest depends on your budget. 

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Oopsie.. I forgot.. D:
I meant closed back headphones.. I hate people listening to what I am listening to.. I am quite sensitive to that. frown.gif
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Well, I like MrSpeakers Mad Dogs for almost all genres including Country... Just listening to Alison Krauss and Union Station -- Sinking Stone... sounds is lovely, great guitar separation, great vocals. Mad Dogs are a bit difficult to drive though so an amp is definitely suggested.


Other cans that should do well?


Shure SRH840s

Shure SRH940 (brighter than 840s, better mid/high details)

Sony MDR-1R
Audio Technica ATH-A900X (though, the earpads suck!)


Good luck.

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okay.. Thanks :) 

due to the reason that I game(usually FPS), is it there that you could recommend? cuz my friends seem to telling me to get COP.. 

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Yeah, if I was a fan of T. Swift  I would also not want anyone in public knowing about it!!!!   



I listen to a lot of country, luckily no Swift; I usually use my Sennheiser 380 Pro’s. They have a closed design, removable cable, are portable with a folding design and come with a nice carrying case. I also own the Beyer DT770 pro 80’s, but those or the COP’s do not have a travel friendly design, if that is important to you. I do not own the Shure SRH840, but I have listened to them extensively and do like the way they sound and they are comfortable. If you have a chance go try them out somewhere because your ears are different than everyone else’s. Happy Listening!    

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haha.. it seems like Swift's fans are so rare in the community.. :p yeah, idk why it feels weird to let the public know you're listening to Swift's songs.

yea, I am searching for a portable headphones (though as long as they wont tire my neck out if I leave them around my neck). ok.. will go to Jaben tomorrow and try them out.. xD thanks for recommending!! btw, I heard that MDR-1R is quite good with female vocals.. does that work for her songs?? is it suitable to use it for gaming?? :)  Thanks!! xD

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The Sennheiser HD600 are perfect headphones for vocal centric music like country.

You can have the Sennheiser HD600 for $299 from Razordog Audio using the coupon codes.

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Sadly, I dont have any credit cards. My parents doesnt like to buy stuffs online too.. :( maybe I will try to check out in Jaben whether do they have any discounts or not.. :(

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a900x would be perfect. I could listen to vocals and instruments on them all day. Very natural.

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Originally Posted by HolyXtremeZ View Post

Sadly, I dont have any credit cards. My parents doesnt like to buy stuffs online too.. :( maybe I will try to check out in Jaben whether do they have any discounts or not.. :(

If you're lucky, then, your local Best Buy may have an ATH-A900x, Sennheiser HD 380 Pro, and/or AKG K550.

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unfortunately, my country doesnt have best buy :( I am staying in Malaysia. The nearest headphone store I can find is Jaben. :(

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To the OP.

I believe most headphones I posted have a "good" amount of bass that could be pleasant for gaming or movie watching.... though, for gaming you would want better sound separation/sound stage. From all of those, I believe the widest sound stage would be provided by the Sony MDR-1Rs. It also has "Ok" amount of bass (not overbearing!) but I found that somewhere in the upper mids or lower highs were a bit boosted and found it kind of fatiguing (other people don't seem to have a problem with it.).


For vocal performance (especially female), I still think that the Shure SRH940s are in the top but the lack of bass impact and quantity might not give you what you want when movie watching or gaming. The Audio Technica aids this by sounding a BIT similar to the SRH940s but with more bass quantity.


So, I guess you could check out Sony MDR-1R and Audio Technica A900x.

If you can try them first, that would be even better! ;-)


Of course, there are a whole bunch of other closed-back headphones out there, so maybe others can chime in, but from the ones I've had or tried, those should do well...



Good luck.

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Wow.. thanks!! :D 

Will try them out in Jaben tomorrow morning.. :) oh ya, will the ATH-A900x have the comfort issues? .__. 


you guys in head-fi are awesome!! xD you guys are just like headphones encyclopedia. xD

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