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Iam surprise by these statements and to me they are amazing include vocal performance, bass, mids, highs, soundstage, imaging and compared to Shure SE535 is like comparing stereo system to hifi home theatre system. If need more bass than SE535 then JH13Pro definitely produce more punchy bass with impact and subbass without going slow. The Other IEMs like ES5, 8A, UM Miracle, UERM, Earsonic EM6 are also great buy if need good allrounder for almost all genres music with good punchy bass.

I've bought the JH13,ES5 and now the JH16. They are technically superior yes but the tuning is awful for music listening, I found universals like W4, or 3003, even the ie800 has upper hand. JH13 and JH16 both have really unimpressive mids and is uncomparable to, say, the togo 334 or ie800 or k3003.