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I'm a noob and I give up I need help....

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Hello all!

Cool forum! I'm a watch hobbyist and I love to see people are just as in depth with other things, especially headphones!! I'm OCD about sound....alot, and alot of other things too. And I'm always listening to music. I figured its time to drain the wallet a little and make my music experience better wink.gif

SO long story short Ive used google search religiously before coming here and posting.

*I love excellent quality sound (duh). I need a diverse headphone for *listening/producing/live dj-ing* primarily electronic/house/progressive and dubstep (if it isn't to annoying).

However I like to listen to some jazz, smooth jazz, and acoustical music too (love the clarity of acoustic instruments). And I guess some stuff like two door cinema club as well.

Here are what I've found so far:
-Ultrasone HFI-780
-Sony MDR-V6 (incredible price and history)
-beyerdynamics dt770

My most important priority will be listening/producing progressive house music. I have recently acquired an akai apc40 I am becoming comfortable and my mother is BEGGING me to live dj at her Zumba class. Sooooo I figured to ask the hobbyists!!! I can say from my experience the forum pros always know best wink.gif
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You mentioned DJ-ing; are you looking for closed cans only, or will open headphones work? Also, what's your price range and do you know what kind of sound signature you're looking for?

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MDR-V6 is good for DJ-ing and you might want to look into the Koss ProDJ100 which have a toggle switch to switch between mono and stereo so you can use one earcup to monitor and use your other ear to listen to the outside.

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Well it's been suggested and I want to try dj-ing. Nothing special just for an all ladies Zumba class at my church. I figured a good way to get into the game because they'll be dancing and not so much focusing on music, so it'll be nice practice.

However my main goal is to listening and producing (when I can't play out my monitors late at night). Price range is $200 or less. Really wouldn't want a pair of dj headphones, I think for now I just want to get a pair of headphones that will do excellent with my musical tastes.

I like feeling and hearing bass, but above all I love sound clarity in electronic styled music. Also when listening to things like piano and acoustic guitar.
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Thanks for the responses so far too!
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while you are getting response, sorry to do this to you but you might like this



By the way another option.

An pal of mine is a Dj and uses the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro  ( Pro is apparently a bit flatter ) at the club/event(S) and seems to like them. Should be good option for your needs. At least the listening and Djing ( and enjoying ) parts. Someone else will have to speak to producing, but if you are mixing stuff like my pal does then that's covered also I suppose. Ask around on that obviously.


one of many impressions don't rely on just a few.


Some people dislike the S-logic, might be good ideas to research or try a pair out :)

If you do get them make absolutely sure the cable is pushed all the way in before you screw it in, there's a few people that pop back with that issue of them not sounding right, then they check that cable fit and whaydya know.


I love the Ultrasone Pro 2500's myself but they are a slightly different animal.


P.S.  Nujabes used the Technics RP-DJ1200A  I think. Nujabes was a master.beerchug.gifCouldn't hurt to look into them also. For the concise reviews version amazon has a bunch for what that's worth.


I'm sure you'll get some really great other ideas.

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Is this what you are looking for?:
Sound clarity
Bass punch without losing the mids
Under $200
Good for DJing and your music if possible.

For all your needs, if you don't mind on-ear, V-Moda M80 are great or the UE4000 under $100! I love the UE4000's details. V-Modas have the bass that I find it too much IMO, I am no bass head

Hope this help!
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