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oh man I miss these headphones

best $150 I have invested

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Originally Posted by metal571 View Post

Ouch. If I was to EQ these things (and destroy their unique personality, but that's a personal thing whether you want that or not), I would definitely back off near 6k due to the noticeable ringing around that frequency. Time domain related sound artifacts are just as important as the frequency response itself.

Weird I don't hear any ringing, though I wasn't looking for it either. Generally the EQ setup reduces sibilance in these headphones, as it is often caused by the large peaks in the 8-10kHz range. I got a DAC/AMP to drive these, and this is for future buyers of these headphones, they may be able to be driven by mp3 player, I don't know, but out of my laptop they sounded terrible. With an amp, they have much better clarity and the bass texture even without EQ


Yes stock sound can handle most songs decently, though you're screwed if there's 10kHz sibilance. I can't listen to them without EQ however, its just amazing how much more these drivers are capable of. Remember to preamp -5dB to ward off distortion.


Apparently w1000, or a900/700 imitation pads for cheaper, makes the bass less boomy. Does anyone have them and know if they worth the 20-50 buck investment?

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