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Originally Posted by Medaud View Post

Thanks, I'm really looking forward to it, but I have to say I'm worried about the fit. Let's see, hopefully it won't be a problem.

I believe it, but I'm actually considering getting the Soundblaster Z for the SBX virtual surround. Unfortunately I've read that the Z makes stereo sound worse even compared to onboard solutions. The Titanium HD should be better, but the drivers sound like such a hassle. I'll read some more before I make my final decision, maybe I'll end up just downloading Razer Virtual Surround.

I had to rule out open back due to my current situation, but I'll definitely be looking into them for my next upgrade.

I wonder if the razor surround is still free... In my opinion it's a decent software that do some games justice. Valve makes games that already have great stereo sound for headphones. Battlefield though sound great, benefits from a little artificial boost in regards to audio positioning for headphones.

Both a900x and k550 benefit people with large heads, the a900x found itself less troublesome for smaller ears.

My recommendation would be to get a dedicated amp/dac to future proof yourself for other headphones. Although I guess the sound blaster does look nice.
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Although I wish the wing system were like the old ones in terms of firmer support, the new ones aren't bad after a few minutes of sitting on my head.

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So I was just searching for some mods on my ATH-A900x and stumbled on your comment. Had to make an account on the website, but I think you'll appreciate it

I have the ATH-A900x, with sound blaster Z and the Razer Surround Software. I can attest that that surround feature on the razer software is superior to my ears. i play cs:go, and hearing footsteps around the corner is difference between you being MVP and you dying.

and i wouldn't knock the sbz either. i have the equalizer a little bass heavy, and the ath-a900x handles it beautifully. no crackling, no distortion. makes games sound amazing.  makes music sound a little...weird, but it does give it an almost concert hall effect (the razer surround anyway)... the sbz surround gives it a.. a band at a bar effect. 

what's strange is that enabling the virtual audio device on the razer software brings the mids forward... then activating the surround recesses(and the lows) it a bit again. it's really really really hard to describe. you really need to play some games with it and see what works for you. i usually just turn on the razer surround and leave it at that. if im listening to music, i turn off the stereo enhancement.

you can also "stack" the sbz surround and razer surround features.  gives it a real spacious sound, but i dont find it enjoyable. also, i try not to put the sbz surround above 20% since it gives the phones some sibilance.  

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I'm also a proud owner of the A900X. They are great headphones, but I have to admit that since getting my HE-400's I've barely used them.

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