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Looking to step up my game

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Budget - ~$300

Source - Macbook, iPod (mainly), iPad

Isolation - I do travel quite a bit and spend time in places like my college library

Preferred Type of Headphone - Big dude, looking for something comfortable in an over ear type of headphone.

Preferred Tonality - I like my bass, but do not have a refined audio pallet Past headphones - POS cheapo earbuds.

Preferred Music - Country, Rock, Rap, Dubstep


Basically I have tried reading through a lot of these forms to find someone who is looking for the same thing I am. Found some information but nothing concrete. Ive seen a lot of M50 suggestions for and against. Also a lot of HD598. As far as size and feel (not quality) i do like the feel of the Beats Pro and the Sony X10s that are common among the choices at best buy. I know these are not the best quality by any means.

Most likely my next job will require a lot of travel so noise reduction and isolation is a big plus for me. Also am looking for something that runs big as I am a big guy. Other than that I am open to suggestions and looking to learn.





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Sony MDR-1R.

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