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Good evening all - first time poster, long time lurker.  I have spent many-a hour researching head-fi and its had a big hand in me purchasing my current D1/A5+ set up.  I have been struggling with the loose bass on the A5+ for about a week now, but am not ready to give up on them.  I am trying to EQ it out and it has been working since I started using the sunflower/AU Lab EQ features.  The only problem is that I have to choose an "output" and it is bypassing the D1.  Is there a way that I can: play my song from itunes, EQ with sunflower/AU lab, still have it going through my DAC into my speakers?  As currently constructed, it seems the DAC is being bypassed completely.  I could be wrong.  I searched high and low for answers to this but found none.  Please advise - thanks so much!