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Stereo Crossplay box

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Hello, I'm working on a project where I have 2 output devices and 2 input devices.

The 2 output devices are 2 different PC's

The 2 input devices are 2 different headsets


When I use my PC's sometimes I need to use different headphones for different things, and I find myself having to switch the headphones from PC to PC often. I wanted to make a box using a switch that could swap which headset is hooked up to which computer.


Here is an image of what I am trying to do:




I was thinking about using a 3pdt or a 4pdt type switch, but I couldn't think of how I would properly wire them for it to cross the connections properly.

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To do exactly what you want you'd need a 6PDT switch, which may be a bit hard to track down. Each source takes up 3 poles each in the centre contacts - both outputs go to each source's group of poles, but are swapped over diagonally.

To do it with a 4PDT, you'd be hooking up the grounds between 2 computers which probably isn't the best idea for retaining audio quality, but you could always give it a go.


You could use 2x 3PDT as long as you can get away with only one output at a time.

The 1st 3PDT to switch the sources into the 2nd used to switch outputs.

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Simplest/cheapest solution? A pair of headphone extension cords. Then just plug 'n play as appropriate. 


A cheap mixer will also do the job. 

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