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Over ear headphones for £60 ($95)

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I am looking for some stylish over ear headphones. I tend to like designs like Beats, V-Moda, House of Marley etc. However, I have a tight budget and cannot afford these brands at full price. I have being looking at the V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-Ear Headphones on Amazon.com, as it has been reduced to under $100 due the new models release. However, I live in the UK and I am assuming shipping will cost a fortune, therefore preferably the headphones need to be available at a good price on a UK website, or with cheap UK shipping.


  I listen to Rap, R&B and soft rock most frequently and I am looking for some headphones that can cope with all 3 genres, athough a heavy bass for Rap is my preference.


 Ideally, the headphones will currently be reduced so that the original price was well out of my price range, where as the reduced price falls into it. I can probably go up to $110/£70 at a push.


 Any help would be appreciated and I admit it may be a difficult task, I have spent hours looking to little success! If you have any questions in order to help narrow the search, I will try to answer them the best I can. Oh, by the way I am not an audiophile and great sound quality is not vital but would be great if possible within the budget, although sounding better than my current House of Marley Positive Vibration Headphones is a must, thanks!

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So you don't care about the sound, but just the looks and whether or not they can satisfy your bass needs? lol probably the ATH-M50 since you'll probably like the looks and it comes w/ sound. The bass extension is more than that of the v6, and the v6 can rumble w/ clean, crisp bass. $125 atm on amazon. 

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I think saving a bit more for a DT770 Pro/80 would be a better option then the M50.

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CAL! fits your budget and it fits your genres. if bass is not enough you can do a simple mod inside the cups to increase it further


although it somewhat leaks and doesnt isolate that much haha

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MrViolin, sorry, I guess I didn't explain myself very well, sound is very important to me, I just know I will probably have to sacrifice great sound quality due to my price range.

 Thanks for the suggestions, I will look them up now :)

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